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3LUX magnetic light-reflecting triangle is a unique security tool – it minimises the risk of a crash within only a couple of seconds. 3LUX is made by combining a highly fluorescent micro prismatic foil with a magnetic layer, therefore it is easy to position onto whichever metallic part of an immobile or a crashed vehicle.

Owning to the 3LUX reflexive triangle, you will become visible within a couple of seconds. The triangle is highly successful as a warning tool even if all other signal lights remain disconnected!

3LUX is easy to store and always at hand

We recommend this warning triangle as, due to its compact measurements, it can be easily stored in the side-compartment of the driver’s door. Thus, it is always at hand should the need arise.

3LUX helps quickly and simply

In the case of a crash or any malfunction of your vehicle, by employing the 3LUX triangle, you are safe within seconds. Simply position the triangle onto any metallic part of the vehicle’s body - thus increasing your own safety.

3LUX is reliable and functioning under any circumstance

Our light-reflective triangle works on the simple basis of a reflective material and a high-quality magnetic foil. Unlike many other electronic solutions, our warning triangle requires no maintenance.

3LUX is trusted by traffic experts

While developing our warning triangle, we cooperated with traffic experts situated in both, Czech Republic and Slovakia. You can find their professional evaluation of our product at the bottom of this site.

Magnetic warning triangle

3LUX is a vehicle accessory with specified and certified properties. It is aimed at marking crashed, immobile or pulled-over vehicles, especially under conditions with poor visibility.


3LUX je autodoplnok so špecifickými certifikovanými vlastnosťami a je určený k označeniu havarovaných, nepojazdných alebo v neosvetlených zónach odstavených vozidiel, obzvlášť za zníženej viditeľnosti.

Its proportions, (18,5 x 18,5 cm), width (1,6 mm) and weight 65g, are ideal for storage in the side compartment of the door, or any other storage place that keeps the triangle at hand. The viewing angle is 60 degrees, and its certified efficiency a couple of metres.

3LUX consists of two layers: the first (or lower) layer is a magnetic foil with the width of 1mm. The second, (or upper) layer, is formed by a six-layer, yielding, light-reflecting micro prismatic layer with fluorescent properties. The technological process resulting in the product is verified by the international patent law. 

The technical guarantee for the reflective materials is provided by 3M- a company that supplies reflective foils for traffic signs. The functional guarantee for the magnetic properties of our product is provided by MAGlabel. 


In case of accident, the driver places the reflexive triangle onto whichever metallic part of the vehicle. Its set-up is incredibly easy, and it covers the period between the crash and the installation of the mandatory warning triangle. 

3LUX works immediately. The light-reflective foil does not require charging. It functions of the basis of illuminating the light-reflective area of the triangle by another source of light.


3LUX light-reflective magnetic triangle is a wonderful helper,

yet it does not serve as a substitute of functional warning lights, neither is it a substitute for the mandatory warning triangle, which is an essential part of the mandatory car equipment. 3LUX triangle cannot be used while the vehicle is in motion.

What do experts say about us?

While we were evolving our product, we paid special attention to the overall usability of the triangle, its stamina and to the feelings it would evoke while being used. That is why positive professional reviews please us greatly.

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